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The island of Kekova, which gives its name to the region, is the whole region that covers an area of approximately 80 km. The best transportation to Kekova region is Üçağız village. Üçağız village is located in the middle of Kaş and Demre on the coastal part. When you reach Üçağız village, it will be easier for you to reach the surrounding bays and ancient cities. Kale village, close to Üçağız village, has its historical name Simena. There are pensions and fish restaurants in Üçağız and Kale villages. If you go to Kekova, we can advise you not to go without eating fish. You can reach Simena, the whole Kekova region and the sunken city by boats you can rent from Üçağız village.


In Mina Urgan's book "The Travels of a Dinosaur", ÜÇAĞIZ is mentioned as follows:

" ...Another miracle of nature is Kekova. It is an island the length of Kekova. There are two settlements, one called KALE and one called ÜÇAĞIZ. This beautiful place is actually a necropolis, that is, a large cemetery. It is full of sarcophagi. There is even a sarcophagus in the shallow waters of its shore. Nothing is known about the past of this fascinating place, which is as mysterious as it is majestic. In the past, it could only be reached by sea. Now highways were built. Its beautiful-faced, extremely hospitable people used to be impossibly poor. They didn't even have a health center. When we first went there, when we learned that there was a doctor lady among us, it broke our hearts that they carried the patients in their arms, put them on fabricated stretchers, got on the boats and brought them to the boat..."

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