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There are many large and small coves in the Kekova region. These bays are magnificent places with their historical and natural structure. To mention a few of them, Simena and Aquarium bay.

  • Simena: It is a castle village whose historical name is Simena. The castle has a castle where you can see the whole view of Kekova from the top of the village. Simena is famous for its fish restaurants and ice cream.

  • Aquarium bay: It is a fascinating place with its clear water and clear view of the sea floor. If you want to visit this region, a boat you can rent from Üçağız village will suffice.


Our main bays and frequent destinations are as follows in daily tours:

  • aquarium dark

  • shipyard bay

  • sunken city

  • pirate cave

  • Gokkaya bay

  • horoscope dark

  • Simena and her castle

  • inter-island



If you want a special tour for you, you can get information about many bays and places that we can't name by contacting us.

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