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In order to enjoy the beauties of Kekova in the best way, the most demanded thing for years is to go on a boat tour. Kekova, which is the favorite place of holidaymakers, is one of the special places that carries the texture of both history and nature. To be able to dominate these two magnificent views is passing through the bays anchored by boat tour. Getting to the Kekova region is not easy, as it is fragile, just like the spirit of this beautiful place. But does not being easy mean it is bad? No, of course it doesn't.
Transportation to the Kekova region is by sea in the most comfortable and beautiful way. Of course, the most preferred method of holidaymakers who want to see the region, have fun, enjoy the perfect turquoise, and relax during the journey is of course the boat tour. Getting to Kekova with its clean water, historical texture and peace by blue voyage becomes very valuable and meaningful in terms of the location and characteristics of the region. Because in this way, you can see the Lycian Way, Roman and Byzantine Ruins, Sunken City Dolkisthe, Myra Ancient City and many more beauties from the sea.
I mentioned in our article that there are several different ways to reach Kekova, although these ways are various from land and sea over Kaş and Demre, the easiest and most comfortable way is the area where Üçağız port is used. Because when you move from Üçağız port by boat, you reach the region in a shorter time compared to other regions. For example, if you try to reach Kekova from the vicinity of Kaş and Demre, it will take 2 hours to go and 2 hours to return. However, instead of spending 4 hours on transportation, you can choose the blue cruise from Üçağız and reach Kekova both with pleasure and in a short time. In this way, you can taste Üçağız Village, its lifestyle and natural beauties. To come to Kekova, you first have to reach Kas from Antalya, it can be tiring for holidaymakers to travel for another hour or two after this 3-hour journey, so it is quite easy and nice to reach Kekova in half an hour from Üçağız. turns out to be the way.

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