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Kekova’s unique view is full of all shades of blue, snowball and the dancing of dolphins, delicious food for me and my team.
You will be amazed that for a boat tour are you ready?a unique view of Kekova, all shades of Blue,the dance of Caretta Caretta and dolphins,my team make a boat tour to Kekova and delicious food..first we need to reach the village of üçağız, then you can easily visit this area and by selecting the type of boat suitable for you.
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Kekova Boat Tours


Comfortable And Comfortable

Meal On The Boat

Our guests who decide to take a boat tour do not think what to eat on the boat. In our daily tours, we serve 5 kinds of dishes consisting of seasonal vegetables and Mediterranean cuisine. Meals are made fresh by our team in the morning. We also have a barbecue in every tour and serve chicken or fish with it. If you wish, we prepare a special menu or an allergy-specific menu. You can bring your meals with you. Finally, we have morning tea and fruit delivery at a later hour.

Why U.S?

With our 30 years of experience during the boat tour, we complete our tours by standing in the best and calm bays and inexperienced during cruising.
Perform boat cleaning and equipment completely.
We help you choose the most suitable tour for you.
We allow you to experience all kinds of comfort in our boat.

Boat Tour Details

Boat selection is made. Except for the route we will set, you can draw a special route for you. Calm and the most beautiful bays are preferred.

We can provide opportunities for those who want to fish according to your wish.

The boat is prepared specially for those who want to make a birthday celebration and marriage proposal and details are spoken.

Village breakfast is prepared for those who want to have breakfast on the boat.

Approved Tourism Certificate

All you have to do is to contact us and choose the boat that suits you and draw our route.

All of our boats have shower, WC, dressing cabin, terrace, mini bar. In addition, our daily boats have six glazing and have an approved tourism certificate.


Peaceful Kekova