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Kekova shared tours are around Kekova. Our tour, which is not too crowded, leaves from Kekova Pier at 10:30. First, we take a 30-40 minute swimming break at the avaryum bay, then our boat sets off for Tersehane Bay, after a 30-40 break here, sets off towards the sunken city. we see the city from the boat here  we get no stop pictures then we take pictures at the pirate cave  and then we take a break for lunch at Gökkaya bay. then we take another swimming break in the bush bay or another suitable bay and set out for castle village simena. We stop for a swimming break in a bay.
We have treats in some bays..
Our route may differ according to weather conditions and occupancy rate.

Kekova Shared Tours
Get ready for a wonderful trip in the Sunken City of Kekova, one of the most mysterious and authentic regions of Turkey. Thanks to Kekova shared tours, you can discover the natural and historical beauties of this region with your loved ones for hours in this magical natural wonder. You should definitely see the beautiful Ucagiz, Kalekoy (Simena), Kekova Island places of Kekova region, one of the most striking places in the Mediterranean region, with Kekova Shared Tours and add them to the first line of your "Do While Living" list. You ask why? Here we have compiled the reasons for you, let's get started.
Location of Kekova Region 
As the saying goes, the pearl of the Mediterranean is the Kekova Region, which is located within the borders of Demre district of Antalya, near Kaş, Demre Üçağız Village and Kaleköy. Kekova Region, located in a seafront region, is located in the front of the villages in the form of a set. This natural wonder Kekova Region, which is called the Sunken City, has pioneered the giving of the same name to the region, this is actually the center of Kekova Island, which is visited with Kekova Shared Tours. 
Nature Trips with Kekova Shared Tours
You can easily travel to Kekova Region, which is one of the visiting points of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year with its historical and natural beauty, and experience this unique experience. With the many privileges Kekova Shared Tours offer you, you can have fun, swim and explore the mysterious sunken city of history. It is possible to list the main privileges that Kekova Shared Tour will offer you as follows:
Aquarium bay tour
Sunken city exploration
Hamidiye bay tours
Shipyard bay tour
Pirate cave tour
Gokkaya bay tour
Hamidiye bay tour
Castle village (Simena) tour
island bay tour
And along with these, a Kekova Island Tour is waiting for you, where you will enjoy 6 types of food, tea, biscuits and fruit.
Kekova Üçağız Boat Tour
According to some, the place called Kekova Village is actually the Kekova Üçağız (Theimussa) region. Although it is like a small village, this very popular region is famous for the ancient city of Theimussa, and thus visitors from all over Turkey and even the world flock here throughout the year. For this reason, Kekova Üçağız Boat Tours are very popular in the region and expeditions and tours are organized here almost every hour of the day.
You can come to Üçağız with your own vehicle to this region, which has a natural harbor, and then you can pass to Kekova island with Kekova Üçağız Boat Tours.
Kaleköy (Simena) Kekova Boat Tour
Although it is said that Kaleköy, one of the other distinguished centers of the Kekova region, can be reached by road, you should definitely take advantage of Kekova Boat Tours to discover the unique natural scenery of this place. With Kekova boat tour services, you can join wonderful tours in Kaleköy and have fun with your loved ones by taking advantage of the many privileges mentioned above. 
How to Make Kekova Shared Tours
As Kekova Sailing, we provide shared Kekova Tours service to those who want to spend a unique time here with our experienced captains who have been working in the Kekova region for years. Our Kekova Shared Tours are carried out as follows:
We will depart from Kekova pier at 10.30 in the morning with our ideal number of guests who prefer Kekova shared tours.
Firstly, the Aquarium Bay is visited and it takes 30-40 minutes. There is a swimming break between
After swimming, the shipyard bay comes next, here it is 30-40 minutes. There are breaks throughout, information and historical narrations are made along the way.
Then we set off to the legendary Sunken City, but it is forbidden to stop here, only photos can be taken. 
Our address after the Sunken City is Pirate Cave. 
From here, we take the road to Gökkaya Bay to have a lunch break, and from there we go to the bush bay, and from there we go to another suitable bay and take a swimming break.
From here, the road is taken towards Kaleköy (Simena), where a break of about 1 hour is made and excursions are made.
From here, you can go swimming between the islands or in one of the other suitable bays.
During these trips, we have various treats in some of our bays. You can have fun to the fullest in each of the more fun, mysterious and magnificent bays. For detailed information and reservation, contact us now and start exploring these unique natural wonders.

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