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One of the things that comes to mind when we say vacation is entertainment. In addition to resting, we think of having fun on vacation and relieving the accumulated fatigue of a whole year. Completing the peak summer holiday season in our country in Kekova means opening the doors of a natural paradise, enjoying the relaxation of nature as well as entertainment and sea activities.

One of the activities you can't stop doing when you go to Kekova is daily boat tours. Daily boat tours, where you can enjoy the sea, cultural accumulations and entertainment while getting lost in the visuality of the Mediterranean, will meet your dream holiday. Daily boat tour is not only a holiday entertainment, but also among the activities where you can celebrate your special days and have a nice time with your friends.  The locations of daily boat tours are planned to appeal to your visual tastes and include all the coves and natural beauties of Kekova that are worth seeing.

It is an activity that will do your soul good to watch this beautiful place, which has also become famous for its ancient ruins, from a wonderful boat on the sea. Summer vacationers from all over the world and Turkey can't help but come to this place, which is famous for its nature as well as boat rides. The services offered on the boat and the entertainment experienced to its peak cause you to attribute more meaning to the sea and sun holiday. The clean sea and coves of the Mediterranean continue to attract attention as a therapy center as well as being the world's favorite. Especially people coming from big cities are fascinated by the beauties offered by Kekova and Üçağız.

The Sunken City, one of the most famous historical textures of Üçağız, has become the center of attention with everything. Of course, the most special place where you can see the Sunken City with pleasure is the sea... When you go on a daily boat tour, you can enjoy the fascinating view that has survived hundreds of years ago, and you can complete your trip in a culturally satisfying way. Of course, this is not the only ancient site in Kekova; Istlada in Gökkaya Bay, Aperlai in Kekova and Simena in Kaleköy are other ancient sites you can see here. The Pirate Cave, on the other hand, is an enchanting region with its spooky and exciting visuals. This experience, which you can only have on a boat tour, is priceless.

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