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We, as the kekova-sailing family, risk the health of you and your loved ones this summer.


In order to have fun in isolation within the social distance rules without throwing


we promised to do the best. We halved the number of our staff, shared daily


To limit the number of guests to 20 people on boat tours and use it isolated


We decided to use food. Due to the measures taken this summer, another


Our decision was to take only our families and couples on our tours. Every day necessarily


Before the tour and after the tour, our boats are disinfected


and you will have fun with peace of mind. If you too, this summer


If you want not to risk but want to have fun and enjoy the summer, the time is morning


You can meet us in Kekova-Üçağız village at 10:45! About private tours


Please call for information.


Our Route:


After our boat leaves the village of Üçağız, we go to Aquarium bay, which is our first stop.


going. Here, after about half an hour of swimming break, tea and biscuits


Taking off with the service and passing through Tershane Bay and Sunken City


It is going to our next stop, Esmeralda Bay. This is the perfect clear bay


It takes its name from the boat that made the first blue voyage to Kekova in 1960.


From here, by passing through the Pirate Cave, which is frequented by the Mediterranean seals.


We are moving towards Gökkaya Bay. 1 hour for our lunch break in this bay


we have time. From fish, meatballs or chicken we prepare for our guests


After choosing one and feeding them with 5 kinds of village food


If they want, they can swim or take advantage of water sports. After eating the meals


then a half-hour swimming break at İkizler Bay, our next stop.


we give. If this place is too crowded, don't worry, we will go to Hamidiye bay.


With souvenir shops and beautiful castle after our swimming break


We move on to our famous tiny village Simena Kale Köy. Here for 1 hour


Our last swimming break in Adalar Bay, which is our last stop after our break.


and then get on our boat and where this beautiful blue story begins.


we are going back ..

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